The SmartPack US 2020 Online Agenda will take place in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)
SmartPack US 2020 Schedule
Facilitated Networking
The Future of Active and Intelligent Packaging
Intelligent packaging is defined as packaging which contains an external or internal indicator to provide information about different aspects of the history of the packaging and/or the product within. Active packaging is defined as packaging with the addition of additives to the packaging substrate or within the packaging headspace itself. This presentation will provide insights on the market place and factors impacting demand for these growing, multi-billion-dollar markets, and a high level overview of:
  • What are the macro trends in this space, and how do they affect demand?
  • How is COVID expected to impact this market?
  • What is the global forecast for smart packaging?
  • What are the drivers of demand and how are these expected to evolve?
  • Where are the opportunities and threats?

Benjamin Trent | Managing Consultant, Smithers
Track A: Panel – How Do You Drive Collaboration Within the Smart Packaging Supply Chain?
Collaboration through the supply chain is essential for creating products successfully. Incorporating smart packaging, track and trace, etc., can give companies and consumers alike, the assurance of where their product has been, security and accessibility. How has COVID-19 changed collaboration and implementation? What innovations should companies look to invest in? Where is the future of smart packaging going and how can collaboration help?

Panel Moderator: Murad Nathani, Co-Founder, Sepio Products

Confirmed Panelists Include:

Vinod Vazhapulli, Managing Director, Skanem (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Wolfram Hahn, Global Business Development Manager, Edelmann Group
Dhiraj Sood, 
Managing Director, Videojet India
Danny Polise,
COO and Founder, Penelope Bourbon
Track B: USER CASE - Tequila On The Blocks: Combating Product Counterfeiting With Blockchain & NFC Technology
"Serpiente Ultra Premium Tequila is the first premium spirit released by the Nomad Spirits Company, a federally licensed importer of distilled spirits. Serpiente is a handcrafted premium tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agave sourced from the valleys of Jalisco. We distill and bottle Serpiente at the distillery in the heart of town where the now world famous spirit got its start, Tequila, Jalisco, in mouth blown, crystal glass bottles handmade by skilled glass artisans. Due to the manufacturing process, no two bottles of Serpiente are exactly the same, each bottle unique, just like each of our consumers.

In order to increase our levels of product security, authentication and transparency in the supply chain, our bottles are equipped with NFC chips and our boxes are sealed with a tamper-proof NFC label. Utilizing blockchain technology, each bottle will have a unique digital ID that allows for chain of custody data to be captured & stored on an immutable ledger.

The end consumer, through a tap of their NFC enabled device to our bottle, will be able to verify the product's authenticity through the chain of custody data displayed on the front end dashboard via web browser (or dedicated app when applicable). The NFC chips also give us the ability to interact with the consumer post purchase, providing us with an additional, more organic, direct to consumer marketing channel. On the front end, consumers will have the ability to sign up for our exclusive membership club, accessible exclusively through our NFC chips. Extras like private events, free merchandise, discounts & promos will be sent out through our NFC chips, increasing our end customer interaction and engagement.
Mayo Akindele | Founder, Nomad Spirits Company & Nomad Wellness Company
Track A: Have Expiry Dates Expired? How to Reduce Waste, Improve Consumer Satisfaction and Improve the Bottom Line
  • The barriers that have prevented previous real time freshness indication technology from entering the mainstream food market
  • Mimica’s design-led and cost-engineering approach that generated a globally scalable
  • How Mimica Touch can pay for itself and also boost sales
  • Mimica’s plans for rolling out across the food industry and other perishable goods industries

Solveiga Pakštaitė | Founder and Director, Mimica
Track B: Smart Packaging Benefits for Manufacturers and Customers
Everyone knows the product package is an important part of the marketing mix, and most manufacturers give it plenty of attention. But today with Smart Packaging, they can turn packages into personalized connected experiences. We will talk about the benefits for both manufacturers and consumers by presenting real use cases of smart packaging implemented by companies such as Danone and Altman.
Yoav Hoshen | Co-founder, SVP Sales & Business Development,
Smart Packaging Isn't That Smart...Yet!
Stephen McSpadden, Product Manager at Cutitronics, will address the missed opportunities that the status quo in smart packaging delivers to brands and consumers in the cosmetics business today. He will then deliver insights on what 21st Century smart packaging could be capable of based on technology and solutions that are already deployed at scale in other domains based on his 20+ years of experience in those areas. Technology and solutions to deliver supply chain pedigree as well as product integrity will be featured in the presentation as well as how truly smart packaging can deliver on the often promised intimate relationship between consumer and brand to the benefit of both.
Stephen McSpadden | Product Manager, Cutitronics Ltd.
An Introduction to Immersive Technologies in Packaging
This is an introduction to immersive technologies in packaging and the terminology surrounding them. We will be showcasing brands deploying these technologies, the metrics they have achieved and the efficiency they have created along their supply chain. We will also discuss the future of immersive technologies in packaging and in general.
Navjeet Chhina | CEO, Genius Ventures Inc
Facilitated Networking
Track A: Intelligent Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry…Today
In this session, Jones Healthcare group will present 2 solutions for issues currently facing the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors around the globe. The presentation will include 2 use cases which are currently being addressed by Jones products by patients today…not tomorrow. Jones will also chronicle the multi-year journey of research and development which allowed them to manufacture Smart Packaging products.
James Lee | Director, Innovation Solutions Group, Jones Healthcare Group
Track B: BOBST “Packaging 4.0”
The demand from Brand owners is for agility and sustainability. Those who do not adapt to new market needs will be disrupted. BOBST’s vision – “Packaging 4.0” - is centered around three key elements to make the entire packaging production workflow more effective and more efficient: Connectivity – Digitalization – Automation. All stakeholders will be connected to a digitalized and automated workflow, accessing cloud-based information and digitized expertise anytime anywhere – for an agile and collaborative operation across labels, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board.
Leonard Badet | Head of Group Innovation, BOBST
The Future of Packaging in a Mobile First World
Packaging represents a brand's personal advertising billboard which is in contact with the consumer's everyday lives - but until now it's sat there silently. With the power of the smartphone Augmented Reality turns passive packaging into an interactive media channel. Martin will share how partners like Coca Cola, Nestle, Beiersdorf, and Unilever harness this tech to drive commercial value. Bring your smartphone to launch case study experiences from the screen.
Ed Morris | VP Strategic Partnerships - North America, Zappar
AdhereTech - Frictionless Medication Adherence
AdhereTech is a web-connected pill bottle capable of transmitting its information to the web to provide dosage reminders to its user. Designed with patented capacitive sensing to improve outcomes, reduce insurance costs, and collect secure data about medication usage, the AdhereTech bottle is an important contribution to the healthcare technology market. Tomorrow Lab provided a full 360° service in developing the AdhereTech bottle, including leading the Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and provisional on-bottle Software and Service Design of the product.
Pepin Gelardi | Partner, Tomorrow Lab
The Digital Grocery Transformation: Tapping the Power of E-Commerce for Milk, Soup and More
The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing the way consumers purchase, store and consume food and beverages. Never before have shelf life and food safety resonated so loudly with American consumers. At the same time, consumers are looking for ways to limit trips to the grocery store, turning instead to e-commerce and delivery services in substantial numbers.
In this presentation, we’ll explore how the food industry—and liquid food in particular—can benefit from these emerging trends by tapping into the power of e-commerce. We will share new data on consumer behavior, explore emerging technologies to increase shelf-life and share how one milk producer in Korea was able to turn their business around through online sales.
Pedro Goncalves | VP of Marketing, Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada
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