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Event Overview

Smart packaging is an umbrella term that encompasses both active packaging and intelligent packaging - two different value-adding functions on or in a pack design. One acts to prolong the shelf life of sealed goods, while the other aims to communicate data on this or other factors for the benefit of the brand, distributor or consumer. In some instances there is crossover between the two, for example in minimising waste in food distribution chains.

Active packaging is defined as packaging in which subsidiary constituents have been deliberately included in or on either the packaging material or the package headspace to enhance the performance of the package system. This phrase emphasizes the importance of deliberately including a substance with the intention of enhancing the shelf life of food or other products. Active packaging is an extension of the protection function of a package and is commonly used to protect against oxygen and moisture.

Intelligent packaging is defined as packaging that contains an external or internal indicator to provide information about aspects of the history of the package and/or the quality of the contents of the package. Intelligent packaging is an extension of the communication function of traditional packaging, and communicates information to the consumer based on its ability to sense, detect or record external or internal changes in the product’s environment; information about the status of the product; and other information useful to supply chain managers or consumers.

What brand owners want is a usable product that adds real value to their brand – without major on-cost – not just a technology or sub-component, or a product that is simply a short-term gimmick. They also want to see active and intelligent packaging developers collaborate, and seek input from design houses and packaging manufacturers, to evolve these total finished solutions.

Key functions of smart packaging solutions include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Enhancing product freshness and extending shelf life
  • Brand protection
  • Consumer engagement
  • Product information
  • Consumer convenience

Why Attend?

Focusing on collaboration and innovation to accelerate the commercial adoption of intelligent packaging, this industry driven conference unites the entire packaging value chain to discuss recent developments, emerging opportunities, and innovative packaging solutions that leverage active and intelligent components to provide cutting-edge packaging solutions.

By attending SmartPack, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain firsthand insights into the key market drivers, industry trends, the latest research, and emerging developments that are influencing the future of the smart packaging sector
  • Hear key insights from leading brands and retailers as they share best practices and lessons learned on their smart packaging journeys
  • Network, collaborate, and share ideas with featured speakers and industry peers
  • Explore the current business climate, assess the competition, and discover innovative product offerings and business solutions that can benefit your business operations

Who Attends?

SmartPack US brings together manufacturers, retailers, brand owners and CPGs to discuss key innovations and application advancements within both active and intelligent packaging.  

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